Experience, Expertise, Research & Development

Vanity Floor Srl, the company represented today on the market by its own bood brand, was established in 2008.

A pioneering company discovering and believing in the world of bamboo and in the potential and applications of this extraordinary and inexhaustible natural resource.

A forward-looking company that has embraced issues of eco-sustainability and sustainable building technology, therefore a forerunner of issues that are urgent today and have everyone’s attention.

A company that over time has dedicated the necessary resources and investment to constantly improve the quality of its bamboo floors.

A market leader that today brings natural floors with a high technical and design content to the market.


• Since 2008 leading company in the bamboo flooring sector

• Constant research and development

• Safe products in compliance with the strictest European regulations

• Wide choice of finishes and formats to satisfy residential and commercial needs

• Wide availability of material in stock for prompt delivery

Sala pavimento bamboo Infinity bood

bood: growing in sustainability

For many years the company has been present on the market with its own Vanity Bamboo brand.

Since 2022 the company has embarked on a process of complete revision and improvement of its marketing, achieved through a total rebranding of its products, of its sales forces and last but not least of its product collection which today stands at unsurpassed levels of excellence.

This path was undertaken at a time of change in the market and international scenarios, in an era of growing attention to sustainability issues, in which anti-deforestation choices have become urgent and the subject of global political intervention, in a moment in which finding traditional parquet has become difficut  precisely for the above mentioned topics.

bood will continue with care and expertise
to serve with dedication and professionalism
its target market!